• “We believe that David Lloyd is the most successful sports venue entrepreneur in Europe, and he is now concentrating on building a unique, exciting business that people will flock to.”
    – Martin Helme, HIP


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“Investors in HIP will capture the upside of a growing leisure market and join us in establishing the next generation of activity-driven leisure venues in the UK.”
– Nicolas Holmes, HIP

Holmes Investment Property (HIP) was established to fund and build the first 12 venues for Mr David Lloyd across the UK up to 2021. With over 60 years of experience and excellence in the property industry, investors can be confident that HIP are best placed to build on Mr Lloyd’s reputation and establish his new Adventure Parks concept as a leading brand.

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David Lloyd’s Adventure Parks Concept

“David Lloyd is set to stage a comeback in the industry with the launch of a series of multi-activity centres.”
– Bradley Gerrard, The Telegraph

Upon entering an adventure park location, families, friends and individuals alike will find activities including zip-wire adventures, climbing walls, soft play areas for under 5s, crazy golf courses and trampoline parks. To date, these activities have been hard to find on their own, let alone in one affordable, high-quality, safe location.

Flip Out

“…he plans to have 800 trampoline centres around the world by the end of 2018.”
– Louis White, The Sydney Morning Herald

Flip Out opened its first trampoline centre in 2012 and has since expanded rapidly. They now have 65 centres in 7 countries worldwide. With 16 centres in the UK alone, they are the country’s leading trampoline operator, regularly hosting parties, fitness sessions and classes for all ages and abilities.

TeamSport Karting

“If go-karting brings to mind sheds piled with tyres, grubby overalls and stag dos, Dom Gaynor is keen to change your view.”
– Amy Wilson, The Telegraph

Founded in 1992, Team Sport are now the UK’s leading Go Karting company, with 23 centres across the UK. They have achieved this position by offering a premium quality experience at an affordable price, often building their centres in highly accessible locations.

Omni Fight Club

Omni Fight Club is a full body circuit training concept based around the disciplines and values of kickboxing. Omni Fight Club provides a high intensity group workout harnessing technology, music and group motivation dynamics so that customers can achieve results in an environment that promotes a sense of community and mutual support.

OFC was launched in 2005 and the first franchised unit opened in 2015. Since then, OFC has achieved a key strategic position, with master franchises in California, Texas and Florida, alongside the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. The company is led by Sean Phillips, an internationally recognised leader in the fitness industry.


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