Holmes Investment Properties Plc (HIP), the leisure and adventure park developer has secured a fourth leisure partner, Omni Fight Club (OFC). HIP will source and purchase land to develop venues on their behalf. Many of the new venues will be jointly managed by more than one of HIP’s partners, often with one reception to enhance customer service whilst minimising costs giving HIP’s partners a competitive advantage.

Holmes Investment Properties is a land investment company, which currently operates in the sports, leisure and entertainment market to benefit from the sector’s continued strong growth. According to research, there are 6,435 leisure centres in the UK with an additional 150 venues opening each year (source: leisuredb), leaving plenty of scope to grow for HIP and its partners.

Omni Fight Club is a class-based, full body circuit training concept based around the disciplines and values of (non-contact) kick-boxing. OFC delivers high intensity interval training, harnessing cardiovascular technology, music and group motivation dynamics to achieve personal results for members, whilst promoting a sense of community and mutual support. Classes offer challenge, inspiration and fun for members of all fitness levels, combining optimal aerobic and anaerobic workouts to create total body lean muscle through a fun, tough, fitness regime coached by highly-trained, certified instructors.

Sean Phillips, a global name in the fitness industry is the CEO of Omni Fight Club and was one of the founding directors and shareholders of Fitness First. Sean’s impact upon the European health and fitness industry is unsurpassed – a rare combination of highly qualified fitness professional and entrepreneur. Sean took Fitness First from 1 to 417 venues in just eight years. Mr Phillips will be taken the same high-octane approach to Omni Fight Club.

The Memorandum of Understanding between HIP Plc and Omni Fight Club is a non-exclusive arrangement.  HIP will purchase sites and build high quality venues, for which OFC will lease on a long-term basis. Once planning permission is granted, Holmes Investment Properties will fund and build each site to shell and core before passing over to our partner to fit out and open.

HIP Plc will receive rent at an above average rental yield on a long-term lease allowing all costs to be met, a profit generated and underlying growth in the capital asset too.

Martin Helme, CEO of Holmes Investment Properties added: “Omni Fight Club have a unique approach in that it uses non-contact boxing as the ultimate way to get fit, with most members getting active through formal classes. This removes the isolated training regime of some gyms, which will be very motivating for many individuals. HIP now has working relationships with four leisure partners which increases our flexibility even more. The team are working hard on getting land options and designing venues to get planning permission. There are exciting times  ahead.”



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