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HIP Entertainment

HIP Entertainment has designed activities that can be fun for anyone at any age, in groups or on their own. The attractions are new and exciting, and will be updated frequently, so guests can come back time and again for more malarkey. The broad range of activities offer guests enough to do for a whole day, not just an hour or two. HIP Entertainment will offer an all-encompassing, multi-activity ticket, that even includes something for free, so that the price for a day out is not excessive. HIP Entertainment delivers fun for everyone and a perfect day out at a good price.

HIP’s first leisure venue

HIP’s first venue is based in south-east London and includes a 24-bay golf range and 18-hole adventure golf course. The operation is managed by our HIP Entertainment subsidiary.

The Activities

HIP Entertainment’s initial 8 activities are:

  • “Dinosaur Adventure Golf”, for everyone aged 3 to 103 – 18 holes of competition and adventure.
  • The “Aerial Adventure Rope Course” – an hour-long high-rolling rope course, 12 metres up and around the leisure centre.
  • “Soft>Play” for children up to eight years old with giant building blocks to play around with and plenty of space for parents to relax, enjoy a drink or even get involved.
  • The “Out of this World, Space Shuttle Simulator” – eight different journeys from flying at the speed of sound to shooting off to a galaxy of stars.
  • The “Top, Top Secret Escape Adventure” – Groups of friends and families get together to solve a series of mysteries in a fantastic, magical world of theatre, puzzles, smoke, mirrors and lasers.
  • HIP Ent’s original Laser Quest system – an old favourite reinvented and updated.
    “Clip’n’Climb” – Safe and Simple indoor climbing that needs no experience.
  • The “HIP Entertainment Activity Arcade” – great games from the global brand-leader, Sega offering products and amusement for everyone.


How to Invest

Flip Out 


Flip Out’s story began in Sydney in 2012 when Brent Grundy- CEO- was sitting in a children’s play centre watching his son at a friend’s birthday party. Looking around, he noticed that many of the kids were too big to enjoy the facilities and so missed out on a lot of the fun. In that moment, he made it his mission to create a play environment that would not only entertain children of all ages, but also mum, dad, and even grandma and grandpa.

After opening its first location that year, Flip Out has since expanded to 65 centres in 7 countries worldwide. With 16 centres in the UK alone, they are the country’s leading trampoline operator, regularly hosting parties, fitness sessions and classes for all ages and abilities. The superior size and quality of their trampolines has attracted the likes of professional trampolinists, free runners, circus artists and gymnasts, all of whom are part of the ever-expanding Flip Out community.



Case Study: Trampoline Parks

“I am proud to represent a long-standing and successful family business to create a style of leisure centre that combines hard to find, but easy to enjoy activities that are fun for everyone.

The Holmes family, the biggest shareholders in HIP Plc deliver property expertise to the business, having 60 years’ experience and excellence in the property market, specializing in property development, surveying, financing and an Agency office. The family set the tone for the business that looks to build long-term value in the Company, the Brand and each and every leisure centre, so that generations of families and friends can enjoy themselves time and again.
We have skilled leisure and entertainment experts like Grant Wright and David Dean who together with a team of professionals, will use their extensive experience to source good locations to site our adventure centres, which Holmes Investment Properties will finance, purchase the land and develop into ground-breaking new activity-driven leisure venues.
In addition, the HIP’s growing expertise in land discovery, financing, land ownership and the leisure sector allows HIP to sign a series of partnerships. HIP has signed memorandum of understandings with four leisure companies: Two of the UK’s largest trampoline operators on a non-exclusive basis; and a similar, non-exclusive contract with the biggest go-karting brand in the country, and a boxing led gym. We will actively search for more partners, broadening our opportunity and amortising our costs base across a number of different leisure providers.

Our profits in the short term will come from asset appreciation, as HIP will own the land where each venue is sited. Once our leisure outlets are established, profits will come from revenue too.

Holmes Investment Properties is an asset-backed company in a growing leisure market, with the most successful entrepreneur in the industry as our partner, along with other big operators. Our company is in a strong position to benefit from this exciting segment of the property sector.
Martin Helme
Chief Executive Officer
Holmes Investment Properties Plc”


By partnering with both Flip Out and Red Kangaroo, HIP will benefit from significant exposure to the UK’s growing trampoline park market

The International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) estimates that by the end of this year there will be more than 550 indoor trampoline parks worldwide. Despite the trampoline park market’s considerable growth, with more than 100,000 leisure centres globally, the opportunities for expansion are still huge. We predict that the market will continue to grow quickly in the Western world over the next 5 years. A tipping point has been reached and the market is ripe for exploitation.

A number of overseas trampolining-led operators have begun to establish themselves, but none have more than 5 centres. There are currently at around 90 trampoline-based clubs, with as many as 10 additional centres planned. The market is small, but growing fast, with the number of venues forecast to grow 50% over the next year or so. This opportunity is very much of the moment.

“Trampoline parks already seem to be catching landlords’ attention, and if more property owners become convinced of their potential, trampolining could be poised to become the country’s new fitness craze”
Samantha Lyster, Property Week.

TeamSport Karting


TeamSport have built their Go-Karting brand on the back of the glamor of F1, rather than the grit of your traditional Go-Karting outfit. TeamSport’s multilevel tracks range from 375m to 1000m and include tunnels, multiple levels and chicanes and operate with state of the art karts and professional, customer focused staff. Track build-costs are comparatively high, standing in the region of £1m. This considerable step up in quality is not matched by an increase in price however. Where the average price is around £30 for two 15-minute Go-Karting sessions, at a TeamSport location, prices are usually only £2 to £5 higher.

It turns out that customers are more than happy to pay this small premium for a superior quality product and as a result, TeamSport are expanding rapidly. They have opened 3 centres in 2017 alone: in Dunstable, Harlow and Newcastle. The product’s superior quality is evidenced by the number of famous motorsport drivers who have visited TeamSport locations over the years. Names include Formula One World Champion John Surtees, former Force India driver Adrian Sutil, as well as Mark Webber and Damon Hill.


Omni Fight Club


The Omni Fight Club concept works to solve problems for customers and operators in the fitness industry by providing full body, high-intensity group workouts for people of all abilities. OFC’s ‘fun, tough fitness’ uses cutting-edge heart rate monitoring technology and mounted screens to give live feedback to participants, providing them with motivation and fostering mutual support.

OFC does all of this operating in small, cost effective units. A studio can be launched in a space as small as 2500 square feet, costs around £250,000 and can be run by as few as 3 staff. This makes the roll-out model considerably more affordable than traditional gym-based models. Sean Philips’ experience in this sector is vital in ensuring that the operational model is as streamlined as possible, offering both a great customer experience and a cost effective entrance to a global market

OFC currently have 6 locations across the US and are positioned to enter the European market with a bang, having secured master franchises in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.